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Samsung Mobiles – A Leading Smartphone Brand

Samsung is yet another leading smartphone brand that speaks volumes of technology, innovation and creativity. Not only that, the smartphones developed by the tech giant are sleek, stylish, elegant, modern, cutting-edge and luxurious. The brand started out in 1969 as an electronics company manufacturing home appliances and household electronics. As of today, the brand manufactures everything from television sets to semiconductors. Only a few years back did Samsung step into the smartphone market launching its first ever Android based device in 2009. The company can be accredited for creating the first every tablet based on the Android OS. The tablet was launched the following year. Just recently, the company developed smartphones that were based on Tizen Operating System. These smartphones are an alternate to those running on an Android OS.

Being one of the strongest, most powerful and largest competitors in the smartphone market, Samsung is a brand that is innovating the lives of many across the globe with a magic spell. The technology on which Samsung mobiles models are based is quite impacting and engaging.

Samsung has made some pretty amazing launches recently. Perfecting their art on innovation and high-end technology, the Samsung mobiles phones are ranked as the 3rd most popular smartphones across the globe.

Samsung developed its Samsung Galaxy series and Samsung Galaxy Note series that were a sensational hit. These series have set a strong mark and the sales have been simply incredible. The much talked about Samsung Galaxy S4 developed into a better looking S5 with better perspectives. And this year, the S6 was launched which was miles ahead in terms of design, innovation and high-end technology.

Each year, Samsung develops and launches new smartphones in the industry. These smartphones make their way to Pakistan as well. The much adored smartphones by the brand, which are the 2nd most popular in the country, have a style-statement people like to show off. To keep an update on the latest launches, the Samsung mobiles price list is updated on a regular basis. Add to it, the list contains Samsung mobiles prices in Pakistan along with the model’s specifications, features and popularity.