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Q Mobile Smartphones –Quality, Affordability And Reliability

Established in 2009, QMobile is a Pakistan based smartphone company that launched its first ever Android based mobiles and tablets in Pakistan. The Q mobiles are quite affordable yet you get all the high-end features that are present in high priced mobiles. Since the people of Pakistan are always in search of affordable smartphones, the device by QMobile is a great option for them. It offers a lot of option and features which makes the brand a likeable alternate.

Mr. Zeeshan, the CEO and mastermind behind the creation of the company, aims at offering the citizens of the country a mobile brand that speaks of them. Add to it, the devices feature state of the art technology to cater to the everyday needs of people as well as compete with strong and leading rival companies. Creativity, innovation, progressive approach and dedicated workforce are the hallmark of the company and what makes their technology great.

Q mobiles phones are second to the most selling and leading smartphone brands in Pakistan. Their smartphones are quite popular and a favorite of all those who cannot afford high priced phones yet they wish to have all the features and options of a high-end device.

The products manufactured by QMobile are exemplary and set them apart from rival companies. They have launched a number of smartphones in Pakistan in a very short amount of time. These phones are quite likeable in Pakistan, and the number of devices sold shows the popularity of the brand. You can get Q mobiles models list at many tech websites across Pakistan.

The reason why the company gained immense popularity in a very short amount of time is the diverse range of smartphones and affordable prices. These smartphones are equipped with top-of-the-line technology that you will get in any international brand. But the price is the best people lean towards.

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