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Nokia Mobiles – A Century Old Brand Connecting Lives Till Present

Nokia is a Finnish brand that established a century ago, in 1865. Nokia follows the motto ‘Connecting People’ which is quite true because the tech giant has been developing telecommunication and mobile devices for over a few decades now. Nokia mobiles were quite a hit back in the days when it was one of the most popular. The mobile devices the brand developed were modern, classy – considering the times they were manufactured in – durable, and one of its kinds. Only after Apple stepped into the smartphone market with its iPhone, followed by rival companies going down the similar path, the popularity dulled down a bit. But even today, Nokia mobiles models are liked widely because of its unique features.

Nokia is the largest manufacturer and developer of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets altogether. The smartphones by Nokia are based on Windows Operating System. The company sold its Services and Devices division to Microsoft just last year. That is why the running OS on the company’s device is Windows.

Since Nokia mobiles phones are super human friendly, its popularity and ranking in Pakistan is still amongst the top leading manufacturers. Add to it, the mobile devices by Nokia are user friendly, offer simple features and are price tagged at quite affordable rates. The company started off its venture into the tech market with feature phones and bar mobile device. These gadgets gained the company immense popularity. Nokia was one of the largest shareholders of the tech market for a long time. But more brands made their way to the mobile industry and tat share had to be divided. Even so, Nokia still holds a fairly large share. Unfortunately, Nokia hasn’t been able to set a strong mark in the smartphone market. It could not add all those cutting-edge and high-end features the rival companies have in their smartphones. But the feature mobiles are still a hit because of the affordability factor. The reason to the company’s suffering is perhaps their late advent in these strong competing markets.

The mobile devices and smartphones are developed regularly, and the Nokia mobiles price list is updated accordingly in the country. The Nokia mobiles prices in Pakistan are subject to change with every new launch, especially if a new device from a specific line or series of mobiles is introduced in the tech market.